Strål is a company offering specialist competence within the area of electromagnetism, EMC, EMF and EMR. 


EMC (Electro magnetic compatibility)

Strål is representing Bajog Electronics (http://www.bajog.de) in Scandinavia. Through Bajog Electronics, we offers highly specialised competence within the complex area of EMC, including analysis, documentation and development of special made solutions for implementation to secure complex electrical low- and high voltage installations. 

Target market B2B, like utility companies and industry in general where EMC is taken into concern. 



EMF (Electro magnetic fields) and EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) 

Strål makes professional analysis within the area of electromagnetism, electrical and magnetic fields analysis, covering the technical platform for analyzing this arising area of health concern. Target group B2B and B2C, like workspaces, institutions, private homes, EHS (Electro hypersensitivity) consultancy and more. Documentation, and counseling for existing buildings and new building projects. 


The business segment includes analysis of electrical systems, home wiring, and exposure to wireless communication technology. The company measures and documents the levels of exposure and gives recommendations for optimization.


Stråls partners


Strål VAT nr: DK35989285

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