Strål is a company offering specialist competence within the area of electromagnetism, EMF and EMR. 


Strål makes professional analysis within the area of electromagnetism, electrical and magnetic fields analysis, covering the technical platform for analyzing this arising area of health concern. Target group B2B and B2C, like workspaces, institutions, private homes, EHS (Electro hypersensitivity) consultancy and more. Documentation, and counseling for existing buildings and new building projects. 


The business segment includes analysis of electrical systems, home wiring, and exposure to wireless communication technology. The company measures and documents the levels of exposure and gives recommendations for optimization.



Strål is offering shielded installation ready products from Sweetohms. In order to meet the increasing requirements with regard to building material and to improve the health quality of rooms which is now taking into account reduction of the exposure to electromagnetic fields, we have developed the systems FLEXARAY and PREFILZEN: 2 innovative electrical sheaths, which suppress this undesirable electromagnetic pollution.

Danell GmbH

Through Danell GmbH, we can offer the most effective shielded products on the market for shielded electrical equipment, grounded lights etc. 

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Strål VAT nr: DK35989285

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