Charging Stations for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle

Advantages of Electro and Hybrid cars mostly rely on the charging possibilities in the future as well as the appropriate Infrastructure for that.

For an owner of an E-Car, fast and disturbance-free charging is one of the basic requirements.

Our power supply grid has become more and more complex during the last 20 years. In the 50s and 70s the main network load was an inductive one by power transformers. EMC disturbances - like nowadays caused by IGBT, thyristors, switching power supplies of frequency converters, solar inverters, drives – have been unknown at that time.

That has changed rapidly in the last 20 years.

Besides being the regular power supply, smart meter technology (electronic energy measuring devices) made our power grid become a real data highway.

From our grid we expect a stable and steady power supply and at the same time a sensitive and precise data transmission.

Being aware of the massive high-performance electronics that strain our grid with powerful electric impulses, that is not easily achieved but entirely possible.

The challenge is to realize the power grid quality for both requirements and at the same time ensure the guaranteed lifetime for the EMC Filter and the attached appliances.

We are doing this (among other things) reliable and responsible with our EMC filters since 1990, covering the low voltage <1000 V and medium voltage >50000.

By implementing suitable EMC filters to charging stations for E-cars in Northern Europe, the primarily charging disturbances and influences on the power grid could be eliminated.


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